Saturday, May 13, 2006

An Observation

Blogroll Me!

My blogging days aren't over, but they're certainly slowing down for whatever reasons. Still trying to figure those reasons out...

In any case, I was just reviewing a few of my posts and quick-eyeing the number of accompanying comments. My average number is between 3-5 -- lucky me! -- but the numbers jump, I've seen, in posts when I name fellow bloggers or link to their sites.

To that end, I just want to give some shout-outs:

David...who's wasting his time with something a little less important

Sweettooth 120...who's busy listening to old-time crooners, dealing with kids' antics, and indulging in chocolate and other sweets

A Simple Jew...who's enlightening us continually with his simple wisdom and those of some great rabbis

A Whispering Soul...who's been missing in action for quite a while, and as a result we're greatly missing him

Air Time...who's soon closing up shop in the Detroit area and linking his and his family's souls with countless others and making aliyah, G-d willing, via "Nefesh b'Nefesh"

Citizen of the Month...who's personally reworded the song title "Stand by Your Man" to "Stand by Your Woman" -- and is living true by it. And he is still as funny as ever, even through family challenges

Cruisin' Mom...who's lately been sharing the ins and outs of colonoscopies, becoming a woman and "That Girl" and puppy love...always baiting us with babke along the way

Elie's Expositions...who's the father and husband who's had to suffer through and deal with a great personal loss, smiles widely through his tears and puts smiles on our faces, too

Jack's Shack...who's the writer of reminiscences, who's the gatherer of gossip, who's the guy who likes to throw a monkey wrench into the conversation (c'mon, Jack, I had to get "monkey" in there somehow; my first choice was worse)

Jew Eat Yet?...who's a teller of tales, who's a master of entertainment trivia, who's a celebrity spotter, who's a loving dad, spouse and son who holds the women in his life in high esteem

Kerckhoff Coffeehouse...who are a composite of characters, of characters who are friends, of friends who are spouses, of spouses who grow jasmine and epitomize love

Laya's Place...who's a mom of many and with many reasons to kvell

Life of Rubin...who's in the know of Jewish music and Jewish community, and is my version of The (Jewish) National Enquirer

Mia's World...who was a woman in love from a distance, now a wife in love in close proximity. First it was rosti, now it's dobosh...

Mirty's Place...who's a talented writer and poet, a talented artist, a talented tech whiz. Did I already say she's very talented?

Moving On...who's a father who struggles with personal questions pertaining to personal loss, who wants to share what he knows and help others along the way as he "moves on"

NY's Funniest Rabbi...who's the rabbi/teacher/actor/writer/funny and sincere guy we're all "blessed" to have in our lives

Our Kids Speak...who are those rabble-rousers who give us much to talk about, much to worry about, much to laugh about, and much to write home about

Psycho Toddler...who's a singing, doctoring, davening, daddy and husband, who happily shares his life and family with us...not to mention his IM conversations with Dr. Bean

Serandez...who's an overseer -- continually giving us round-ups of Jewish blogland and happily sharing "new daddy" moments

Seraphic Secret...who's -- wait just a minute! The secret's already been out for quite a while. People know a good thing when they see it. Brings real-life love alive in posts. Brings real-life politics and current events alive in posts. Keeps son Ariel alive in posts.

Stacey's Shmata...who's a happy mommy, wife, sister, auntie, and a great daughter. Keeps Cleveland alive in posts. ;)

Ten Li Koach...who's a wonderful wife longing to be a wonderful mommy. She shares her thoughts and feelings about a difficult subject. Stand up and applaud her. And hope that her and her husband's prayers are answered.

Treppenwitz...who's just an American-Israeli kind of guy who brings his community and family to us. And you know what? We "bee" better for that!

Why You Treat Me Like a Dog?...who's -- wait a minute. Why such a long name, pray tell. Anyhow, who's a daddy, dog lover, doctor who has fun with movies. He quizzes us on them...when he's not busy writing about other things.

I also want to say Shalom to Rebecca and Estee, a lovely mother-daughter team.

And hi, rebbetzin mom, with mucho to say and a wonderful and witty way in which you do.

Shavuah Tov, everyone.

Happy Mother's Day. (Ten Li Koach, you're included in that bunch, already an honorary mother in my eyes, just for your personal struggle).

And thinking ahead...have fun trying to "lug by omer" (Lag B'Omer)!

(As I've been typing this post for the past hour-plus, my children and a friend of theirs, and my hubby having been watching one of the Pink Panther films. Their raucous laughter carries up the stairs and just plain makes me smile. If only I could bottle it....)



rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Thanks for the shout out. Why's it called that. Can it be read in a whisper or a normal tone. You had a bunch and by the time I fisnished reading them all in a shout I had a headache.

Ezzie said...

Does anyone read the stuff *I* write?! (I kid, I kid)

ANYways... just because we don't comment doesn't mean we're not reading! Sometimes, if it's good, I just nod at my computer. But for some reason people don't see that. Hmmm... I realized why people comment more when they're mentioned: They feel the post is more personally directed to them and are compelled to respond.

~ Sarah ~ said...

nice list of bloggers!

:) have a great week, enjoy lag baomer.

TenLiKoach said...

You are awesome! I'm so impressed with your take on so many different blogs! You are so sweet!
I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day and thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

torontopearl said...

Rabbi Neil: Yay, your funny side came shining through!

Ezzie: Of course I/we read what you write. But you just do a damn fine job of also telling us what others write. And it shouldn't be "I kid, I kid"; it s/b "I dadday, I daddy"!

Sarah: Thank you. And's time I update my blogroll, isn't it? You're a reader and commenter of mine and I feel ashamed that I didn't draw attention to your lovely blog and your beautiful photographs. EVERYONE: LINK TO SARAH'S IMAGES...NOW!

TLK: G-d willing, let's celebrate
the day together in the near future! (BTW, I love your recent poem/post...and accompanying image.)

torontopearl said...

Ezzie: oops, I meant to type "I daddy, I daddy"-- what the heck is "dadday"? Wait, I know, maybe it's subliminally Dad Day, ie. Father's Day -- your first Father's Day, coming up next month.

cruisin-mom said...

Hi Pearl...what a generous post...You and Ezzie are both always so generous about "shouting out" to others...unlike me who can only blab about myself...
Great Post!!!

HaJew said...

I lurk regularly but don't comment much - but I think I have commented. I like. I like. Keep on keeping on.

treppenwitz said...

Awwww... thank you for including me. I'm sorry I'm not much of a commenter. I figure I have time to write and read... or read and comment... but not all three.

Ezzie said...

Do they have Mother's Day in Canada? Well, if so, enjoy yours!

(And thanks! :) )

torontopearl said...

Ezzie, thanks. We're not that far away from you...yes I celebrate Mother's Day -- or rather, my family celebrates me, and I celebrate my mother and mother in law.

HaJew: I feel so compelled to say "bless you!" I just love your blog name. You certainly don't have to comment on my words, but it's nice to know you read them on occasion. Thank you.

CM: Thanks. That's why you're you, and why I'm me. ;)

Treppenwitz: I think Jewish guilt abounds in blogland -- we're always making excuses why we don't read or comment on each other's blogs. I'm the queen of feeling guilt, so no need for you to apologize.

Ezer K'negdo said...

TP: Thanks! happy mother's day to all!

wanderer said...

Hi Pearl - I haven't been blogging much lately either - lots of stuff going on (all good) and not much time to spare to blog. Thanks for the shout-out! (I agree with Rabbi Neil - what does shout out mean?) Like you, I think I'm slowing down (for now), but not done! Maybe I should post about what the name of my blog means - there actually is a story behind it.

And... I think you're right - naming other bloggers does tend to increase the number of comments! Maybe I'll try that too as an experiment!

cruisin-mom said...

Hey Wanderer: Yeah, what is the story behind your blog name?...and, you better not quit!

PsychoToddler said...

It's nice to be mentioned in such prestigious company. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Elie said...

Thanks for the mention and for your continual readership, loyalty and support!

Jack's Shack said...


torontopearl said...

Ezer Knegdo: Thanks. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day yourself.

Wanderer: Yes, I look forward to learning about the name behind the blog. I already know the name behind the blogger! :)

PT: Thanks for the good wishes. Yeah, I'd agree you're keeping good company.

Elie: And I thank YOU for sharing with us.

Jack: I can't h....e....a....r you. A little louder! C'mon, shout it out.

Stacey said...

Hope your Mother's Day was great, Pearl! And thanks for the shout-out.

David_on_the_Lake said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

Mia said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Your synapses are really great to get to know other blogs. I will definitely go and read some of them! And thanks for mentioning my name :D

Please don´t quite, slow-down is fine but please don´t disappear.

torontopearl said...

Stacey, David and Mia:
You're most welcome for the shout-outs. I know what I enjoy reading on a regular basis, and am glad others can get to know you this way, too.