Friday, December 31, 2004

Please, and Thank You

I kept a journal for YEARS--books upon books, details upon details. The books were not just catchalls for my thoughts, but also held mementos: ticket stubs, airline boarding passes, snippets of articles, quotes I cherished, cartoons from the New Yorker, ads from New York magazine (funny, there's a trend there; I think this Torontonian wanted to take a bite out of the Big Apple), comedy material I'd written, etc.

I loved journal writing, but knew that I was doing it just for me -- nobody would share my words, nobody would have access to these sacred books that had my personal stamp all over them....

But a blog is somewhat different; it is an extension of the journal writing I did, but the personal words have become public words, the personal thoughts finding their way across vast distances that lay well beyond my computer screen.

So to that end, I must ask a favor of you pearlies of wisdom readers...if there are any. Could you please leave me a comment every now and then, just to let me know that I do have people interested in what I have to say. I have chosen to keep a public blog, not a personal diary, and to that end I need readers. It's difficult to write in a vacuum, without getting any feedback.

But I musn't be negligent and I must say thank you to those of you folks who have already left comments since I started my blog earlier this month. So thank you. Keep writing, and I will, too!

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