Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Makings of a Poet

So, New Year, new beginnings... Nu?

Remember that resolution list I mentioned, with one of the items being that I should continue to write...and submit my stuff? Well, last night after Shabbos, I opened up my e-mail to find a message from an American Jewish literary journal, telling me that a poem I'd submitted to them a couple of weeks ago was accepted for publication in an upcoming issue.

It is not a new poem; I wrote it last year and submitted it to a Canadian literary journal, alas to no acceptance. But this is even better for me -- it will bring me exposure in the States. Maybe I'll become a household name -- in some homes. "Look at that Pearl's writing. She's good...!" I am thrilled, and the acceptance of this particular poem, "And One More for Good Luck," touches a personal heartstring as the poem is about two people I love very much.

Now, do you think this might be a good sign for a possible acceptance from L.A.'s Jewish Journal -- I also recently submitted some of my "pearls" to them, in this case personal essays. The essays are also not new material, but pieces I wrote five-plus years ago.

Perhaps everything old becomes new again...

Might this 43-year-old follow suit...?


A Simple Jew said...

Mazal tov! Keep it on writing.

dan said...

Pearl, you should post some of your poems HERE, on this blog, so we can read them. They will still be technically unpublished anywhere, so you can still submit them to real editors, but in the meantime, readers here can read them and give you good positive feedback. Maybe create a special section of your blog for the poems?

torontopearl said...

Dan, took your suggestion and gave you readers a poem (see above). Perhaps I'll do it from time to time.

Just remember this, readers: the copyrights are mine!!!!