Thursday, March 31, 2005

She Loves You, ya YA-YA

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I am forever checking out publishers' web sites to see what's new in the book world, even if I don't end up reading these books that are being marketed online.

And in my journey among some publishers' sites this evening, I encountered an entire marketing world around the "Ya-Ya" books that have been very popular (but which I haven't YET read).

Here is a fun link to help you generate your YA-YA Sisterhood name.

I entered my information and received this message: Your Ya-Ya name is Mistress Loves To Read -- how ve...r....r....y interesting. How does this name generator know that I work in the publishing arena and that I love to read?

For fun I also threw in my husband's name and got back this message: Viscountess Loves To Cook. (no, he's not a viscountess, nor even a viscount, but yes, he loves to cook!)

And if you do check it out, let me know in the comments section what your YA-YA name is.


M said...


"Mistress Never Shuts Up."

I imagine my teachers would beg to differ...

Anonymous said...

Hey M! I'm that too! but I do never shut up.