Sunday, April 17, 2005

Comments, Anyone?

Blogroll Me!

Is this Bloggers Anonymous?

Yes, I wanted to say that I am addicted to reading blogs and posting.

But the truth of the matter is that oftentimes I find the comments section more entertaining than the actual posts that I read or write.

People are genuinely FUNNY, or sarcastic in an amusing way.

I get comments from TuesdayWishes on my posts or I read her comments on PsychoToddler's posts -- she is quite the witty one. And speaking of Sir PsychoToddler...just go on to his site and see the antics that often go on there.

I noticed some time ago that a Doctor Bean would comment on PsychoToddler's posts, and sort of let loose, so I sought out his site. Turns out that he has a joint blog with a bunch of pals, and they post individually, some having his/her own following, and others just getting general responses. But oftentimes, pure fun permeates the air surrounding their blog and I've written to tell them so. Firstly, I tried to get Doctor Bean to have his own gig, minus the group, and just because he is so funny. But of course, being sensitive to the others, he didn't feel he could leave them behind in search of the spotlight for himself. But I've since learned that each of his Kerckhoff Coffeehouse pals can be equally funny, so they do belong together.

Yettabettaboo and Life-of-Rubin are funny bloggers/commenters, too. Perhaps not intentionally, but their deliveries are so straightforward, like a free association game, that I find them to be amusing...perhaps because they're so honest, telling it like it is -- in their own ways.

Treppenwitz has a way with words, both in blogging and in commenting. Seek him out and you won't be sorry.... (look for him coming to a blog near you: PsychoToddler's, or Jack's Shack)

Jack's Shack hits the humor trail, too, with his blog and comments. I picture Jack as the attention-seeking class clown, who can sometimes become obnoxious or hit a nerve, but nonetheless can make us laugh, make us look inwards at ourselves as we look outward to the world.

Take a look around at the more general blogs, and see if I'm not correct -- that comments are almost like a post in themselves, in that they're entertaining the readers, and often a thread of discussion follows in the comments section.

Truth be told, that once I read a blog, and I see the air has been cleared in the comments section by someone else, and a jovial remark has been made, I feel freer to let loose, too. I just hope that these cutesie/seemingly funny comments of mine are acceptable, and readers or the blog owners aren't just rolling their eyes and saying, "There's TorontoPearl again...thinking she's funny..."

By the way, did you hear the one about the guy who walks into a bar and ---


Doctor Bean said...

I too am addicted to this stuff. I guess there are worse passtimes...

The Rabbi's Kid said...

anyone know if there is a site dedicated to weaning people off blogs?


Chaim said...

TRK, G-d I hope not!

Pearl, thanks for the nice write up, you da woman!

tuesdaywishes said...

Thanks for the encouragement! At the risk of wasting more of your time, have you read the Renegade Rebbetzin?

PsychoToddler said...

I agree, the comments are usually more fun than the posts.

Ivor Manuel prophet said...
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