Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shalom, Laya. Shalom, Penina.

Blogroll Me!

Ah, so you're surprised to see your names up in blogger lights, huh?

It's just an official public thank-you to two ladies from my neck of the woods who take the time to read my words and comment, whether privately or publicly. I appreciate you taking moments out of your busy days to tune in to my random thoughts, and then offer some of your own.

Not to say that others don't do so, too. Of course you read my words, and several of you also comment, whether privately or publicly. And I thank you for doing so.

I enjoy the handful of off-screen friendships/acquaintanceships that I have developed by blogging. Many of you display such sensitivity, insights and humor that keep me somewhat in awe. In your notes and in your own posts many of you prove how bright and in-the-know you are; yes, we each come into this world, developing our own strengths, but sometimes I fear that my strengths cannot match yours.

Yes, the world is big, but sometimes I choose to keep mine small, personal, intimate. Regardless, it's always nice to invite new people into my small corner of the world...


tuesdaywishes said...

Thanks! Did you read my last blog?

torontopearl said...

yes, i read your post. keep baking challot so that others may benefit. (can't join you; we buy our challot!)

Stacey said...

Keep up the good work.