Monday, May 16, 2005

Fade to "Twilight Zone" Music

Blogroll Me!

Someone up there is trying to tell me a most subtle way. I think it's time to stop being on the Internet so much, reading others' blogs, writing my own, and commenting on blogs when moved to do so.

For the past fifteen minutes, I was scanning down the list of favorite blogs I've marked via shortcuts on my home computer. Funnily enough, I could access everyone else's, but not my own! As many times as I tried, I was met with a blank screen.

I finally managed to get in through the Blogger site and felt the need to record this Twilight Zone event.

Okay....everyone all together now; follow the bouncing ball: "Doodoo doo doo, doodoo doo doo..." ("Twilight Zone" theme song; if you don't understand the "bouncing ball" reference, then that's pretty sad, too. Just think pre-Karaoke days...)


Chaim said...

not to add fuel to the fire of consipiracy. Last friday I tried to see my blog page and saw nothing but black and this symbol ">" I was convinced i had been hacked or something, or messed something up in my template. I tried a couple times, then pulled that 'ol "restart" trick and it was all there. Wierd no? (cue music)

Mirty said...

Blogger is pretty glitchy.