Monday, May 02, 2005

"Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here"

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I've taken one more day off work -- my children are off school, and I have to get our lives back in order...although one day doesn't really cut it for that.

I'm in no rush to eat flour-based products, bread, crackers, pasta, so I've slowly been changing over the kitchen and dining room between last night and today. But yes, within the next hour I will take my children for a pizza lunch -- matzoh pizza is just not the same for them.

My husband who'd transformed 3/4 of the kitchen into Pesach mode himself had done an excellent job and I see it more and more as I disassemble all he did. He'd transferred empty boxes and year-round pots, dishes and kitchen accoutrements to the garage and it was my job to bring them back into the house after filling up the labeled Passover boxes.

Wouldn't you know it -- when I was about to go out to the garage, it began to rain. Then it began to HAIL! Hey, didn't anyone tell Mother Nature that the Ten Plagues are finished with till next year; hail shouldn't have had the need to make a guest appearance, now that the holiday is over, now that it's MAY 2ND!

I think the hail just felt the need to have the last word. And I feel the need to top it: "DAYENU!"

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