Thursday, May 05, 2005

Honk If You Need...a Carpool!

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Today is May 5; my children's day school is over around June 23; the new school year starts after Labour Day, around September 5, I believe.

And this evening I received a phone message from a woman, a stranger to me, whose child was going to enter my children's day school come September, was to be in the same grade as my oldest child, and who lived quite nearby. She was looking for a carpool for her child, and had received class lists for kids currently in the same grade as her son.

She is rightfully planning ahead for September; I can't even plan for two days from now! But maybe I should take the bull by the horns and declare, "Great, fine. Sure we'd love to carpool. We'll pick up your one child and will bring him in the mornings, and you pick up and take mine home in the afternoon -- just make sure to pick up all three kids, but remember they get out at different times, get out at different areas in the school, the youngest isn't to leave the building without a guardian or sibling; on Thursdays A has choir; on Wednesdays, A has chess. On Wednesday and Thursday, the kids stay at school till 5:00. Make sure they take all their homework with them, make sure they have their knapsacks and lunch bags with them when they get into your van; make sure they don't leave them in the van; make sure A and N don't sit together--they'll fight like cats and dogs; oh, nobody's around when you should drop them off, so could you take all three kids back to your place for a half hour till we're in the neighborhood. Give them a small snack, help them start their homework and keep them occupied till one of us manages to get there and pick them up. Does that sound good for you, too?"

"Um, hello? He...l....l.....o....? Oh, well, I guess she didn't need a carpool that badly."


Air Time said...

I think you left out little league and roller hockey carpools

Chaim said...

This is why only Jewish people want to live near schools.

Mrs. Balabusta said...

So that was you?....

But seriously, who wouldn't want your life? Oh yeah, I forgot, I already got that one.

Tune into my blog for the continuation of this conversation a,k,a, planning summer activities for six kids in 3-4 schools and a part time job and a full time husband. (No dog - had to draw the line somewhere).