Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Long Ago, and Oh So Far Away...

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Nostalgia time (aka blog filler time)!

When I was a young kid I watched some good shows, and even better movies.

My earliest 1960s TV memories, aside from the variety TV shows the Lawrence Welk Show, the Ed Sullivan Show (family nights for both of them), Wonderful World of Disney, the Red Skelton Show, the Jackie Gleason Show were the sitcoms The Mothers-in-Law; the Phyllis Diller Show. I was pretty young when they were around, but remember them.

As for my memories of early movies, I loved Ma and Pa Kettle films, the Marx Brothers movies, Bob Hope ("Going Down the Road") movies, Westerns, Disney movies, Shirley Temple movies, Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies.("C'mon gang, let's go put on a musical!") The list goes on, the memories go on...and life goes on.

Tell me what early TV/movie memories you have.


Air Time said...

I remember when my parents first got cable, and we could watch the Cubs every day. I didn't even like the Cubs, but I stil watched them play whenever I could.

My favorite TV moment was when my parents got rid of their TV shortly before my Bar Mitzvah. Two months later some relative gave me a TV of my own, which I kept until i moved out of their house many years later.

Chaim said...

when I think back to the first show me and my sisters were all obsessed with this show comes to mind.

Chaim said...

somethng didnt work with that, let me try again, (Kids Inc.)

Just Passing Through said...

Since I grew up without a TV, ANY tv moment was the greatest!