Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Hey, Look Me (and My Blog) Over..."

Blogroll Me!

Several blogs I visit post about the buzz words and phrases, namely the search words and phrases, that bring readers over to their blogs. I couldn't figure out how they got this information, but was too shy to ask it of anyone.

Today, I found out on my own, via my own sources. Recently, people were directed to Pearlies of Wisdom when they were in fact seeking out:

1. Tefillah HaDerech words

2. tizku l'mitzvos, definition

3. Sefardic + henna

4. gross pear body

Huh? What's that last one about, I wonder. But it makes me recall an incident that happened about 16 or 17 years ago.

I'd received an alumni newsletter from my college within the university I attended, U. of T. (University of Toronto). The newsletter included a questionnaire about what people were up to, where they were living, when they graduated, what degree/s they had, etc.

Having graduated in 1983, I decided it was time to pass along my personal info. I did, and in the next issue of the newsletter, it said: "Pear ___ graduated in 1983 with a B.A. in English & Jewish Studies from ___ College. She works as a proofreader for..."

What did this proofreader see in the copy? A TYPO. Suddenly I'd become a Pear?

So of course I had to respond, and the next issue of the newsletter saw something like: "I am not a pear, nor am I an apple... But I do proofread for a living..."


Air Time said...

You shoulda asked. We might have laughed at you, but we would have told you.

Z said...

Very clever!!!