Monday, July 11, 2005

Some More Random Ruminations

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When my husband made plans for our trip, he planned every fine detail, preparing a divided binder listing attractions, travel routes, Kosher restaurants and markets, etc. I have to admit that he deserves so much credit. I, for one, was very negative about the upcoming experience (how could we travel in the van for 22-23 hours when my kids can't even get into the van without bickering just to get from point A to point B?) and while he talked about traveling to Orlando/Kissimee since March, I was talking about traveling to California. Yes, I wanted a family holiday, but for the first family holiday we'd travel so far? I believe in starting small: a 5-hour drive to Montreal or upstate New York would have been fine for me for starters.

But Mr. TorontoPearl was pretty adamant about this trip, and after all was said and done, I do have to thank him for his planning, his resourcefulness (but it was I who got the best deal on the park tickets -- you can, too. Go to, look under theme parks and see the 2-day, get 5-day deal) and his insistence. It was a memorable trip in many ways and a fun family vacation. be continued...

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Air Time said...

Pearl - Welcome back. Glad you had a good vacation. We missed you on the blogs.