Monday, August 29, 2005

72.129.110.# Where Are You?

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When I was just a babe in arms, there used to be a TV show called "Car 54, Where Are You?"

My post is entitled "72.129.110.# Where Are You?"

Somewhere out there in blogland is someone who has this number/server number (don't know the technical term) allocated to them. All I know is that the location is United States, and they link to me via Whoever this is seems to spend time reading my posts... Which is good, in my eyes.

I'm curious to know who this is...or perhaps I already know them. If that is your "secret number," please do write and let me know.

(I once put out the same appeal on a post. Someone with the "address" of had linked to me and I was curious who. A celebrity? A behind the scenes person? Of course that appeal went unanswered. Maybe I'll do better with this one.)


JC said...

hmmm, think I am 250 something? Guess it isn't me.

Dindel said...

I had someone who was listed as a "Government network" on my site counter… that tripped me out a little. But now that you mentioned this, I had gone to see it. And it’s no longer there. I think they cleaned up their tracks. Should I be worried? My friend said its probly someone working at the post office. I think its more fun to believe it’s the FBI

PsychoToddler said...

You can go crazy if you start trying to track down all your hits. Plus it'll weird some people out. People like to think they are anonymous and invisible on the internet unless they post something. I say let em be.

Well, I don't literally say that.

I don't literally mean that.

But the sentiment should be clear.

Anonymous said...

PsychoToddler Yes let readers be!
You understand readers' right to privacy.
Thanks for speaking up for those who for whatever reason want to remain hidden.