Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Do You Speak Blog?

Blogroll Me!

Hey, people, I just came up with a new term.

You know the term "doggone it" -- that pretty euphemism for "damn it"?

I just thought up "bloggone it".

It's a two-purpose word. I'm going to experience something today and then I'm going to "bloggone it!" Or, if I mess up my post and lose it without being able to recover it, I'll be likely to say, "Oh, bloggone it!"

Oh, and when I was typing this, I came up with another term: a bloglet.

If I allow you to guest post on my blog, you become a "bloglet"!

And if you're blogging too much, as I do, I might announce/declare a "blogs-out": a signal for turning off blogs and getting some much-needed sleep.

And then there's a "blogime" -- that pattern of action that sees you blogging before breakfast, at lunch and after dinner.

And sometimes, like me, you might be "blogged-out" -- you will have lost your brilliant ideas for the time being, will need to advertise for a bloglet and will heed the blogs-out signal.

Oh, bloggone it, my lunchtime is over.


PsychoToddler said...

Quick, copyright!

TenLiKoach said...

Perhaps in the next generation, there will be last names that are representative of our blogging 'industry - how about Bloginsky (a Jewish blogger) or
McBlogger (an Irish blogger).

Not quitting her day job anytime soon :)

Chaim said...

If someone starts freaking out on thier blog, can you call it "Blogin' out"

torontopearl said...

While on some days
I'm bright-eyed
and quite awake

On other days --
several cups of coffee
I have to make

I need to stay up
and on my toes
because the truth of the matter
is that everyone knows...


Air Time said...

We came up with about fifteen different blog words for our blog dictionary on http://krumasabagel.blogspot.com/2005/07/new-word.html