Monday, August 01, 2005

How You Might Have Found Me

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I get such a kick out of seeing some of the entries that lead you to me, I have to note them every few days. Some leave me grinning, others leave my face frozen in the shape of a big question mark with "Huh?" scrawled across my forehead.

Aside from the repeated "Boy Vey!" or "Tefillat HaDerech" searches, some of these have been the key to helping you find me and my pearlies.

* wisdom for hard-headed kids ("I need to hear some of that wisdom!")

* "where the wild things are" + "temporary tattoo"

* kippah bruce willis ("Forget about my blog, what do those 2 items have in common, I wonder?")

* Hebrew Greek words mean pearl

* beis hamikdash and stock market ("What I would sacrifice for a hot stock market tip!")

* pearl of wisdom images

* bellagio macaroons recipe

* balabusta

* woman's queen size athletic clothing Toronto

Hey, I hope you found what you were looking for!

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