Monday, August 08, 2005


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When I began reading Rabbi Neil Fleischmann's blog, I became more aware of the "haiku" poetry form. I would sometimes comment on his posts in copycat haiku form, which did not come too easily for me; perhaps that form comes easily to him.

But haiku opened my mind and got my creative juices flowing.

Just today, on my desk at work, under a pile of papers I found some haiku I'd written in May/June of this year. This is not ordinary haiku; rather, it's haiku with a twist...a Jewish twist. Thus it's called Jewku.

--written May 18:

In May of this year
I discovered Jewish verse
"Jewku" I call it.

Familiar haiku
with some Jewish content (sales)
for you a bargain.

Wholesale poetry
All new, not used, metziahs.

--written May 19:

Sunday morning brunch.
a schmear of cream cheese and lox
on toasted bagel.

--written June 1:

Tribal laws decree
you are Jewish if Mom is.
Your dad does not count.


Good cooks run rampant
amidst my family's men--
tastefully good men.


Lance said...

Very creative :)

BTW....did u ever get my e mail?

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

ten haikus by me
inspired by pearlie's post
take em or leave em

like haikus for jews
but different, with your own twist
haikus: done by pearl

my ideas lie flat
till someone comes and moves them
into their own words

now i write haiku
and it seems so natural
nature or nurture?

my dear hinju friend
says my writing haiku shows
i was a yogi

i sit with legs crossed
lotus position, thinking
natural for me

shema yisrael
is a haiku, what that means
i couldn't tell you

my stuff is all priced
but placing it in order
that is quite priceless

i sit and i blog
and i wonder if it is
empty vanity

spirit versus law
jews eating way too much cheese
for a full nine days

torontopearl said...


I'm haikuless! Wow! Bravo!

See, I said it might come easier to you than it does to me. Imagine if you spoke in haiku all the time as well as wrote it. Wouldn't that be something...?

PsychoToddler said...

I can't write haiku
I am a rotten poet
Bad psychotoddler!

Air Time said...

Blogging through the night
figuring out my feelings
disenagagment fears

torontopearl said...

Great work, people!
To think that Neil's post inspired me, and that my post inspired you...
Maybe we should have a haiku chain going through blogland.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

imagine air time
living what for some is news
venting through the blog

i spoke in haiku
but when i pointed it out
she said "what-ever"

a haiku blog chain
about as popular as
old water torture

P.S. the movie
that my comment referenced -
not Eddie Murphy