Thursday, September 01, 2005

Something To Ponder

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If it's called Labor Day, how come I have the day off from work...?


(an aside: in Canada we spell it Labour Day, but for the sake of my readers, who are primarily American, I've continuously been using American spelling in my blog and personal correspondence with fellow bloggers. Reason: I don't want any of you to think that I, a copy editor, don't know how to spell! Look, I can even spell in Canadian and American! You say labor, I say labour, you say mold, I say mould, labor, labour, mold, mould, let's call the whole thing off... You say jewelry, I say jewellery, you say honor, I say honour, jewelery, jewellery, honor, honour, let's call the whole thing off...)


Eli7 said...

Your mastery of both American and Canadian is impressive. But the real question is can you do British too? ;)

Nancy said...

No, the real question is can you do Southern too?

As in "I'm a-readin' this blog, even though I likta died when I saw mah mess o' dirty dishes."


Off to wash (warsh) them...

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I have the sudden urge to eat a potato and a tomato.