Sunday, December 11, 2005

Please Speak Up

Blogroll Me!

In blogland, many of us use fancy-shmancy names to get your attention, to divert attention from our real names, or to remain anonymous. But even as anonymous bloggers who take on a "nom de plume," we are no longer so anonymous; attributes are given to "Blogger so-and-so" once we begin to recognize their writing or even commenting style.

It would be nice if all "Anonymous" commenters would please speak up and use a name. Not a real one necessarily. But I think that both negative and postive comments are better accepted when a name stands behind them. It's almost like putting a name to a face; but here it's putting a name to someone on the other end, someone more concrete than simply "Anonymous".

I've beared witness to reading blogs in which there is a heated and sometimes heartless "discussion" going on. Real and blogging names are often used, but any time an "Anonymous" pipes up, the person behind the blog assumes that the commenter is too chicken to openly state his/her mind and opinions, and thus hides behind "Anonymous".

"Anonymous" is just too common, too everyday. So any and every "Anonymous": get out there, stand up and be counted with the rest of us.

Just tell 'em "Pearlies of Wisdom" sent you...


Anonymous said...

the only reason i post comments as "anonymous" is that i don't want my personal blog to be available to the public. since i use it as a kind of family newsletter, using real names, places, etc., it's a privacy thing for me. it's not that i'm chicken to stand behind what i write.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.

suzy said...

but we should still use some kind of name