Friday, January 27, 2006

The Dog Formerly Known As Snoopy

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Just as that purple-rained Prince changed his name, so did this dog. Or at least, so did his new owners.

This dog is hereby to be recognized as "MAX, formerly known as Snoopy."

Okay, I know...that's a mouthful of a name -- for a dog, or even for a person, were that to be the case. So I guess the dog's owners will let you shorten his name to simply "MAX."

I'd been talking with the new owners when they were trying to decide on a name and they came up with some lengthy list, let me tell you. Yes, Max topped the list, but Einstein wasn't too far behind. And it was some five-year-old Einstein of a kid who came up with the name Max!

I think that kid knows a Max when he sees one...

Max has an interesting tail of his own to tell you, but he asked me to tell you that right now he's getting a comb-over at the groomer, along with a nice bubble bath...followed by a not-so-nice visit to a veterinarian. He will have to get back to you with his story.

In the meantime, maybe the blogging community can give Max and his new owners a "Muzzle Tov" and together dance a "Canine-a-hora"!


A Simple Jew said...

That dog is SO cute!

cruisin-mom said...

Pearl, Max is cuter than cute...where's his handle...time to mop the floor! (I'm doggone sorry, I don't mean to insult Max)

TenLiKoach said...


That is so bad (good) it hurts!

I'm glad that the T.D.F.K.A.S. has finally made it into your most capable hands. Enjoy him - is most adorable :)

Rebecca said...

maybe you should just give him a symbol, it will be so much easier :)

Stacey said...

Awww, he is so adorable. What a cute face!!

torontopearl said...

Max is 6 months old today, and we've had him a week. He's already a true family member, aka child #4 -- just a touch more rambunctious than my other 3 kids, though!