Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's My Name?

Blogroll Me!

Not that my posts always have anything worth repeating, but I'm curious: if it ever comes up that you read something I wrote and you like it very much and you think it bears repeating to family and friends, how do you bring up the blog?

Do you say, "I read something today on Pearlies of Wisdom, a blog...."?

Do you say, "TorontoPearl wrote something about..."?

Do you say, "This blogger from Canada..."?

Do you say, "Pearl said..."

I try not to talk too much about fellow bloggers, but if I do, I use a descriptive tag such as "______, the doctor blogger from Milwaukee" or "__________, the one in California with the parrot" or "_____________, this very funny blogger who's related to __________ in Toronto."

For over a year, my kids have heard me blog-name drop and already know whom I'm speaking about when I bring up the name.

I don't exclusively want to be known for my blog's name or my signing name. To have walked into a room several months ago, introduced myself and a short while later hear a person exclaim in recognition, "Oh, so YOU'RE TorontoPearl...!" meant something for me then: it meant that I was being read and identified with my blog.

But these days, I'd much rather just be known for "Pearl said..."

"Who's Pearl?"

"Someone who writes rather well..."


cruisin-mom said...

you are "Pearl the world wide famous Jewish blogger/writer wife mom from Toronto Canada" around here.

Mia said...

For me you are "Pearl with the Swiss roots living in Toronto speaking Swiss-German and Hebrew :)" (and of course you are a great writer!

torontopearl said...

Hey, at least I know I have die-hard fans in California and in Switzerland/Hungary!

Thank you both for the vote of confidence!

Stephen said...

I just discovered your blog, so I can't say, but usually, if I converse with a person long enough via comments, eventually I'll find out their real name and tell my wife, 'My friend Tina this..' or 'My friend Jim that...'. That's the way I usually do it. Now, if they go by a pseudonym, I usually just say, "I wasa reading a blog by this guy who...' or 'this lady who...'