Friday, March 10, 2006

And the Rubber Chicken Award Goes To...

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I have no clue where rubber chickens rank in this world. I know they're the brunt of many jokes, but I have no clue why.

My oldest son had to do a book report a few years ago, and along with the written report, had to do a presentation to the class as well. He was portrayed as a farm boy with a straw hat, suspenders...and the piece de resistance: a rubber chicken in place of the real thing.

My son is a quiet boy who shirks away from the limelight, but he held center stage with that rubber chicken who, when squeezed, let out a G-d-awful mourning cry.

Last year, your friend and fellow blogger, TorontoPearl, who herself often shirks away from the limelight, decided to use that chicken for her own devices.

If you went to megillah reading at Toronto's--and I believe North America's--largest Orthodox synagogue, and it was time to make noise after hearing the name "Haman", amidst the graggers and horns and clapping hands, and boos and hisses and stomping feet, you might have heard the lone, lengthy squawk of a rubber chicken up in the women's gallery.

Okay, so it's not a typical noisemaker for Purim, but sometimes I dare to be just a little bit different. And I saw the smiles it brought to adults' & children's faces, making my slight self-consciousness all that more worthwhile.

So...this Purim, look out. Pearl and her rubber chicken might be performing at a megillah reading near you!


cruisin-mom said...

Pearl, you're posting faster than I can shoot.
Now, seeing you with a rubber chicken, screaming... that's one time I wish I could be there with a video camera!

Mia said...

You´re hilarious!!

SS said...

I used to daven at that shul! Have a happy Purim.

Sarah Likes Green said...

hehe... excellent. always looking for a new and interesting noise maker for purim. my current favourite that i have is a really annoying high pitched whistle :P
shavua tov, happy purim!

Unknown said...

I've only been to that shul once (assuming I know which one...), for a friend's wedding - it was awesome. Beautiful shul.

Solomon2 said...

A rubber chicked! I love it! I have to see if I can get one for next year!