Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Creativity + Imagination = ?

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You know once in a while you see bumper stickers on beat-up old vehicles; these stickers say something like: "My other car is a Rolls-Royce."

I was driving in to work not twenty minutes ago and passed an SUV Toyota Forerunner or some similar make and noticed its vanity plate: IM A BMW.

That got me thinking. I think I'll design a vanity T-shirt for myself. It's going to say:

I'm Einstein's Smarter Sister!


cruisin-mom said...

I'm David Letterman's love child

Mirty said...

"I'm with Stupid" still works for me ;)

torontopearl said...

CM: David Letterman??? If you could afford the orthodontia work, why couldn't he?

Mirty: Don't let hubby hear you say that!