Saturday, March 04, 2006

To Know 'im Is To Love 'im

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That is what a work-mate said to me when I came back to work after my last maternity leave. She'd asked my latest son's name and I told her "It's a Hebrew name. NOAM." Her quick response just touched me; it was perfect. And it still is.

Tomorrow, G-d willing, is Noam's 6th birthday. And yes, I who love a play on words, still enjoy telling people what my work-mate said.

My child is just as his name means in Hebrew: "pleasant." He is a little boy who endears himself to others with his great, crinkly-eyed smile and his good nature. He is still part boy, part baby, but thank G-d, he finally gave up that "shmatta blankie" a few weeks ago. He just went cold turkey.

Okay, so thumb still sometimes goes into mouth once in a while. But we just remind him, and out it comes.

[an aside: I'm on one computer now typing this, he's on the other one nearby, playing some defense game. Out of the blue he just called out to me, "If people don't get brises, they're not Jewish." I asked, "What made you say that suddenly?" "I just knew; I wanted to tell you." Okay, thanks, little guy.]

Although he sometimes displays a "forgot to use his words...and hit instead" tendency (usually with his brother and sister), regardless he is a very gentle and sensitive and caring and generous child. I reminded him today how even when he was as young as two years old, and I'd pretend to cry, it would upset him and he'd come to me and stroke me and whine, "Don't cry."

It is my hope as a parent that he will continue to go through life with that wise/innocent air about him and that people will forever look at him and say to themselves, "To know 'im is to love 'im."

Happy 6th birthday, "Noey."


cruisin-mom said...

oooo! beautiful post Pearl, you made me teary...Happy bday Noam.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Yes, Happy Birthday, Noam!
torontopearl- he sounds like a fabulous little guy! Thanks for writing about him!

David_on_the_Lake said...

aww such a cute post
Happy B-Day Noam...

~ Sarah ~ said...

lovely post! noam sounds like such a cutie.... happy birthday :)