Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pass My Dog a Tissue

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There's a saying: "You sneeze on the truth." I sneezed a few times as I was typing the title of this post. Does that mean anything?

I think Max has allergies. Sure he's always scratching near his ear, or worse, in his netherworld. But I don't mean that he has dermatitis (but yes, dogs do suffer from it), but I think he has a type of hay fever, some allergy to pollen or ragweed or whatever else shoots up from the earth when spring announces its arrival.

I tend to sneeze in sequences of 5; my sneezes are rather different, 'cause most people don't recognize them as sneezes -- "Was that a cough or a sneeze?" "A sneeze." "Okay, then bless you." (Listen, people, I need all the blessings I can get; you can bless me for a cough or a sneeze, makes no difference!)

Max sneezes in sequences of 5 too. But he's got those cute, doggie sneezes, and believe it or not, when I hear them, I say, "Bless you." Just habit, I guess.

We just came in from a brief walk and playtime in the yard, and whaddaya know, Max started to sneeze. He comes in from his nighttime walkabout, and whaddaya know, he sneezes!

What exactly, is this pup allergic to? The bark on trees, perhaps dogwood trees or Douglas furs (had to modify spelling a bit to keep with the theme, you understand!). We don't live near a marsh, so it can't be cattails that's got his nose itchin' and twitchin'. And there are no paw paw flowering trees around here. Or nuttail oak trees.

I can imagine giving my dog Flonase (TM) to cleanse his nasal passages, and having to feed him antihistamines to ward off the effects of springtime and Mother Nature.

Oh, and I musn't forget having to tote around Canine Cleanex wherever we go. Nu, so you think I can market doggie tissues under that brand name? C'mon, people, sneeze on the truth...and I'll bless you!


cruisin-mom said...

Pearl....no joke...you can definitely market those kleenex! You should see how many site there are for doggy jewelry and and clothes...The Paris Hilton's of the world want to make sure their dog has the best of everything....I say...you have a new business venture!!!

PsychoToddler said...

Why is it that we make a distinction between sneezing and coughing? Why does a sneeze get a "gezuntheit" but not a cough?

I don't think that's right.

Solomon2 said...

Try removing the flea collar.

Sweettooth120 said...

Very clever post. Sorry to hear about your pooch. I am one of the lucky ones that don't have allergies, but it seems that my children are and I feel so sorry for them. Not sure what to do about it, except keep feeding tylenol allergy/sinus medicine.

It's such ashame, because it's such a beautiful time of year, with the those soft, warm breezes, and i hate to keep the windows close.

kasamba said...

That was so punny!

(pshychotoddler; one of the reasons given for blessing people when they sneeze is that Hashem blew the spirit of life into Adom Harishon through his nose, so everytime someone sneezed they were at risk of dying by blowing their soul out of their nose!)

Mia said...

Cute post Pearl. I am having bad allergies so I am taking a pill called singular on a daily basis, not only in spring time. But guess what, this is the first spring that I can enjoy! Almost no sneezing this year - what a new experience! Maybe there is something similar for dogs :)?

Kasamba: thanks for the interesting explanation.

torontopearl said...

CM: You can be my business partner. You'll be on the West Coast, I'll deal with the East Coast. We'll get Mia to deal with Europe!

PT: You got something there. Now just spread the word -- cough, sneeze makes for no difference.

Sweettooth: All allergy sufferers I know already have it so bad, and spring's barely started. It's just that stuff bloomed a bit earlier this year.

Kasamba: Punny is my middle name. And I had heard that story re. sneezes that you explained.

Mia: Feel better. Do you find a difference between your allergies in Switzerland or in Hungary? ie. do you suffer worse in one place than in the other?