Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Explosion of Mid-Blog Crisis

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You've heard of a mid-life crisis, in which a person decides -- consciously or subconsiously -- that they need to try something new, that they're tired of something old, that something is missing from their life.

Lately I've seen a trend of what I can only call a mid-blog crisis.

When I have been visiting some of my favorite blogs, I suddenly see posts that are self-questioning. These bloggers are wondering aloud if their blog has met their needs and those of their readers. They wonder if their blog has taken the right direction for them. They wonder if their blog has done what it was meant to and has reached a point of no return. And yes, some bloggers have gone the next step, said goodbye and stayed away.

I, too, have questioned my blog at times and have received many pep talks from readers who encourage me to continue, who tell me they enjoy what they're reading, who tell me they'd miss me.

I think each one of us needs a little ego stroking when we blog, unless we're so confident in ourselves and what we have to say, that we might as well be on our own island. But admit it, isn't it nice when friends compliment you? And isn't it even a touch nicer when strangers come out of the woodwork to do the same, and tell you that what you have to say is worthwhile?

Some bloggers resurrect themselves, whether on their blogs that lay dormant for a while, or whether in a new format. But interestingly enough, their "voices" don't change; their style doesn't change. They are the same entertaining writers whom we missed.

I kept a detailed journal for so many years. The night I got engaged, I happened to be at the end of one of the books -- I wrote about my engagement and had my fiance write a few words in the book, too. Then I signed off with "Chazak, chazak, v'nitzchazek," closed the cover and said goodbye to journal writing. It was as if I no longer had "the need" to do so.

Perhaps blog writers feel that sense of completion too. "I said what I had to say, and that's it...there ain't no more."

Well, you bloggers know who you are. I hope you only take a brief hiatus, not a permanent departure. You'll be missed, and hope you send us postcards at least, which read: "Having a wonderful blog-free time. Wish you were here."

So, to all you bloggers suffering from a mid-blog crisis, I say, at least pop in once in a while and tell us how/what you're doing. You'll notice that no doubt there's lots to say--and POOF!--that will be a new and fun post right there.


Elie said...

Thanks for the chizuk!

David_on_the_Lake said...

Hmmm I've been having this crisis for a few weeks now...not sure yet if I'll continue...
But ur right..if I do come back as another blog..theres no hiding my style...its who I am.

Mirty said...

I'm not so much finished as I need a different format. The urge to create never goes away.

cruisin-mom said...

well, sorry can't get rid of me so fast! I will miss certain people too, and am really hoping they don't leave.

Chaim said...

I took that one month blog'hiatus it was great. I reccomend it to everyone. Releives the pressure. But bloggers should always remember. Don't force it. If you arent feeling it that day, than just dont blog.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I I was as sweet and kind as you Pearl. Really.

Smooth said...

I found your site today via Abba Gav. I've had second thoughts but then there's nothing like changing one's template and colors to get back in form. Thanks for writing about it - it's good to know one is not alone.

Batya said...

I'll probably call me summer visit to my computerless parents a "semi-sabbatical" from blogging, email etc.

But then I won't know how to communicate; guess I'll need a cell phone there.

torontopearl said...

Thank you, all, for taking the time to comment.

Yes, lately I've seen a lull in blogland; I also don't always have something to post, so sometimes there's a lapse of several days between posts. But even if I'm not posting on my own blog, I'm often busy commenting on others' posts.

I hope that whoever has felt the need to take a hiatus, will consider their respite a healing one, and will once again show their faces in blogland somewhere down the road.

As Elly-May, I believe it was, used to say at the end of The Beverly Hillbilles: "Y'all come back, y'hear!"