Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Samuel L. Jackson Called When You Were Out

My husband pointed me in the direction of a link to a new movie: Snakes on a Plane, coming out in a little over a week. Not only does it feature information about the movie, it offers a treat: a phone call from Samuel L. Jackson -- or an email, if you're not willing to disclose a phone number.

Hubby told me to play a trick on someone I know who could very well have Samuel L. Jackson call him about business. The only difference is that Mr. Jackson would probably not be saying these things to my friend. But I could control what Mr. Jackson chooses to say.

But modern technology is so damn modern, that the system wouldn't recognize the name Pearl as the sender; I tried so many different sender names and the computer didn't recognize any of them, ie. didn't think they bore repeating, so I had to plagiarize a name that doesn't belong to me, in order to get Mr. Jackson to contact a friend. A different friend.

I could not play a trick on my husband's suggestion. Firstly, it might not be appreciated; secondly, it might not be appreciated.

But there is someone out there who will (hopefully) laugh because ___ sent Samuel L. Jackson her way. Remember, it's Samuel L. Jackson, NOT Laurence Fishburne, who's often mistaken for him. And as Mr. Jackson has been known to say: "May the force be with you!"


Sweettooth120 said...

Well thank you pearl for pointing out that Laurence Fishburne is mistaken for Samuel Jackson. I once did that and my friend at the time (not anymore) was so offended and said something to the likes of "well I guess to you, all black folks look alike." I rolled my eyes with that one.

Anyhow, I am guessing by the typeprint of the name of the movie, that it's goal is to be more like the old 50's B movies, and therefore passing up the idea of actually blasting AC to almost freezing to stop these beasts from taking over the PLANE!!!!!

Elie said...

This picture makes him look like a Ferengi!

torontopearl said...

Elie: I thought it was E.T. he resembles!

Sweettooth: The movie doesn't interest me at all; you couldn't pay me to see it. But I do love the gag on the Web site that has Samuel L. Jackson calling people. Try it!