Sunday, September 10, 2006


Apparently, I'm so much more than the simple gemstone depicted in this photo...

Tampax Pearl.
Pearl Drums.
BlackBerry Pearl.
Pearl Drops Tooth Polish.
Pearl Beer.
Pearl Flutes.
Pearl Paint.
Pearl: A Literary Magazine.
Pearl Vodka.
Pearl Software.
Pearl: A Robot for the Elderly.
Pearl Bluegrass Event (held in Pearl, Texas, at the Pearl Community Center).
Pearl Soymilk.
Pink Pearl Erasers.


Mia said...

Impressive! You have a truly beautiful name! I don´t think there is anything with my name :(

Rhea said...

Don't forget about Pearl Tea. You can get this in Chinatowns. It is a milky sweet drink with small balls of tapioca (pearls) in it.

kasamba said...

Hmmm... pretty AND useful!!!!

torontopearl said...

Mia: I'm sure there's something with your name on it. (whichever variation of name you choose) I already knew some with Pearl and just GOOGLED to find other products with the name. Try the same with Mia.

Rhea: Thanks for adding to my roster.

Kasamba: Okay, one out of two ain't bad!

cruisin-mom said...

Pearl, at least you don't have a name descriptive of your sexual urges.