Thursday, October 26, 2006

Women in Tights this image saying matter-of-factly that tights please people, ie. men and women... Or is it a request, "I want tights, please" ?

In my case, it's a bit of both...

When I was a child, I wore cotton or nylon tights of all patterns and all shades. The unfortunate thing is that the nylon ones would run easily, and the cotton ones would pill. I remember sitting in class at school, plucking at all these little pills on those leggings!

And because I was tall and leggy, it was often difficult to find the right length of tights. And when I did, I also had to be assured that the hosiery wouldn't shrink. Oftentimes, I sagged big time in the crotch area; the tights weren't sitting flush, as they should, and it was uncomfortable. I always imagined that if someone were to throw a tennis ball against my tights, I could've bounced the ball right back to the pitcher, using the material's tension in the way the tights sat on my body, a few inches below where they should have.

I never danced ballet or jazz when I grew up, so I never had tutus and leggings or tights; and I never took great notice of the superheroes wearing their tights, save for Catwoman and perhaps Robin, in his dorky outfit.

But I'm grown up now. And I've decided that I love tights. So much so that I had to go to a nice local store and sort through their display of tights and buy myself a few pairs.

I went for basic black. No patterns. Just stark black with a shimmer from the Lycra.

I've been wearing tights now for the past three days. I almost don't want to take them off! Yes, they keep my legs cozy in this early fall-early winter weather we've been having of late. But it's more than that...

They give me superpowers. Call me Catwoman. I can purr and meow now with the best of the other tights wearers in the world. I can slink down a catwalk -- okay, maybe not in spiked heels, but in a comfortable-looking and comfortable-feeling pair of shoes -- 'cause my tights are just about ready for anything.

Tights make me feel sexy. They make my legs look flawless. They make my legs look longer. They make me walk straighter. They make me feel self-assured.

Okay, nylons are good too-- patterns and prices abound -- but give me a pair of tights and I swear, it's like I'm wearing a "second skin."

If I go so gaga over a pair of tights -- especially a pair that fit! -- imagine what a pair of ankle sports socks with pom-poms do to me...!


Anonymous said...

I also love tights - I feel like once those black opaques go on in October, they don't come off until April (or later!) but I think we're in the minority. Lots of my friends say they really hate how constricting tights feel, but I just like that 'held in' feeling. Enjoy them!

marallyn ben moshe said... convinced me...sunday i'm going to buy tights!!! and last night it was so cold in jerusalem that i did wear my little ankle sports socks...made me want to change religion and join the basketball team...shabbat shalom...stay safe...great great post

orieyenta said...

I'm love them too. Down here in Miami though we don't get to wear them too often.

Your description of how your tights fit when you were little is just like my little one. She loves to wear them and could care less if they fit right or not!

Shabbat Shalom.

Mia said...

What´s the difference between tights and tights? Are the one´s that you love without feet, sort of leggings or are they just the same as the nylons but thicker?

It is really weird, but the one thing I miss here in Sweden are my normal regular tights. Who would have thought that there are so huge differences. The Swedish one´s are really uncomfortable and to this day I couldn´t find the perfect pair. I wear mostly skirts and need tights. In the beginning I had my cheapo one´s from Switzerland, which are perfect. But now I ran out of them and need to buy them here, I tried like 5 brands and so far they are similar to all you described about your childhood tights.... very annoying.

torontopearl said...

RaggedyMom: Thanks for checking in to my blog, and commenting. I like how you describe tights as having that "held in" feeling; PERFECT!

Marallyn: You got me going with those sports socks, but yes, I do advise tights for Jerusalem this time of year.

I was in Jerusalem once in November over 20 years ago -- cold enough to wear a ski jacket, but apparently not too cold, 'cause I saw someone in ski jacket and with their bare feet in sandals. I think they needed tights!

Oriyenta: Yes, I can't imagine too many pairs of tights being sold in Miami, nor seeing models in South Beach wearing them for photo shoots.
Your daughter always sounds great!

Mia: In my mind, tights are like nylons or pantyhose, just thicker. But you can also buy footless tights, like a dancer might wear under a body suit. I think it takes getting used to tights just because of that "tight, tucked in" feeling they provide. (I say as I look fondly down at the black pair I'm wearing right now.)

Mia said...

Thanks for the explanation. I am wearing those exact tights since years, every winter and I couldn´t live without them!!! Usually I start the season with 40DIN and by January I am up to 70 DIN :D But now I am still on the search for the perfect brand here in Sweden.....

Sweettooth120 said...

I hate wearing stockings and will avoid it at all costs even in the middle of winter with my white legs showing, but you are right. There is something about tights that I love, but for me, it has to cotton tights, otherwise they feel and look to similar to stockings.

Your description of how they fit reminds me of my daughter these pase few days. She was wearing some new cotton tights (or polyblend) and she kept reaching for her crotch, as if she had to go to the bathroom. Now mind you she is seven years old and by this age, it's not pretty to see a little girl doing that. Found out it was her tights sagging in the middle and she had to keep pulling them up. So I suggested for her costume last night, to wear her underwear over her tights to keep them up.

It seemed to work.