Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kiss & Tell

The other day, my youngest son made reference to "a sexy lady."

This morning, he prepared for "picture day" at school and was in my bathroom, where I was applying mousse to his hair. He noticed my makeup on the counter and then asked me, "Are you wearing lipstick?"


"Which one?"

So I pointed out the one I'd put on.

"Do you have other colors?"


"Where? Can I see them?"

And I showed him a few tubes of varying shades of copper, pink and red.

He pointed out one to me. "I think if you wear this one, you'll be a sexy lady."

(This son's name is Noam. After I went back to work after maternity leave, I was telling someone what his name was, and her immediate response was "to know'm is to love'm." It's "sexy lady" comments like these that help remind me of that!")


Wednesday Night Update:

Okay, so I took CM's question and posed it to Noam. He explained that to be sexy, a woman has to be skinny, has to dress nice and has to wear red lipstick. Wow, this 6-year-old kid thinks like an adult, doesn't he?

See, I've been watching what I eat lately, so he must hear the word "skinny" said pretty often 'round these parts. So when I first asked him what "sexy lady" meant to him, his initial reaction was "You can't be fat. When are you going to be skinny? A sexy lady is skinny."

Just now, I repeated the story to my husband as he kissed Noam good night. He asked Noam, "Am I sexy?"

"Yes," he responded without any hesitation. Then my husband asked him, "Is Eema sexy?"



Unknown said...

I'm trying to picture him saying that from the 2 seconds I met him... and it's not happening. Are you serious? :)

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee... boys...

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

torontopearl said...

Ezzie: In the words of singer-songwriter Annie Lennox, "Would I lie to you?"

RCJ: Just think...that boy will grow up, G-d willing, to be a man!

Oriyenta: He says lots of neat things, some more blog-worthy than others.

cruisin-mom said...

Does he know what sexy means? (I'd love to hear his definition!!!)

Mia said...

so cute!

torontopearl said...

CM: Great question. I asked him.

Mia: Sometimes he's not so cute.

Anonymous said...

LOL, let's hope you don't get a call from his teacher!

cruisin-mom said...

love the update, Pearl.

tuesdaywishes said...

Good Lord! Sexy meany skinny? To a six year old? My flabbers are gasted!

kasamba said...

He's soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

you are right...you godda love'm...almost...too cute...tfu tfu tfu...shavuah tov