Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lend This Guy An Ear

I received an email with a cute song, "Thank G-d I'm a Jewish Boy." So I went to search out the singer/songwriter. You should too. Listen to the clips...and you'll smile -- I promise. And if you're familiar with the stylings of the late, great, Allan Sherman, you might see some similarities.

I didn't listen to every selection, but did listen to and enjoyed BIG NOSES and MY FAVORITE THINGS.


kasamba said...

It is very similar to Alan Sherman and I looooove Alan Sherman!!!!

My favorite is Harvey and Sheila... la, la la.

Sharon from NY said...

Pearl - Thank you for the link! I listened to a lot of the clips and you are so right- he does remind me of Allen Sherman, whom I LOVED! We may even buy the guy's CD! Good Shabbos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Times' obit (and the calling card!) on Polly Adler; the links from WP didn't have much. BTW "A House is not a Home" is also the title of a 60's song, by Burt Bachrach I think. Cheers, Shir-El