Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can't Make Tou Love Me - Bonnie Raitt

(I can't fix the Tou in the title and make it You)

I love this song.

I love to sing.

I love the idea of Karaoke.

Imagine a Pearlies of Wisdom rendition of this beautiful Bonnie Raitt song.


torontopearl said...


Lakewood Venter said...

I love that song too!!!

marallyn ben moshe said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yahoooooooooooo pearl...thanks for sharing

Open Up! said...

that was sooooo much fun! thanx!! where did you get the kareoke?

torontopearl said...

LV: do the Lakewood yeshivas have the song playing over the hallway intercoms? ;)

Marallyn: come to Toronto and we'll Karaoke together!

Open Up!: Thanks for visiting. I just searched the song on YouTube and managed to find the Karaoke version. They are several songs that offer the Karaoke on YouTube, some better than other versions.

Amanda said...

I'm a hardcore fan of hers and normally don't like her "hit songs." I just can't help but love this one.It's still moving when she sings it live after all of these years.

Mel Balsamo said...

I love this song and I love singing from Karaoke too! My friends and I always go to bars and sing karaoke with our own choices of songs. With the influence of beer and alcohol, we sing out loud, at the top of our voices! We couldn't care less with the people around us. If they want to watch and listen to us, they can do it for free! Now if they don't, then go head the other bars where there's no noise! Everybody has the right to enjoy, and karaoke is our way to it!

Mel Balsamo