Sunday, March 25, 2007

Easter Hunt of My Own

First I talk about Pesach; a breath later, I talk about Easter. What's up with that?

Well, I have a pretty serious grievance about this holiday that falls around the same time as Pesach. Nothing to do with bunnies, nothing to do with eggs...but lots to do with clothes!

It's somewhat of a minhag to have a new outfit for a major Yom Tov, or at least new shoes or accessories. If not for me, I like to find something new for the kids to wear...whether they truly need something or not.

How many suits and shirts does my oldest son have for shul...but always chooses to wear the same pants, shirts and vests?

And my younger son is happiest with plain slacks and white dress shirt or his navy blue Shabbos suit.

And my daughter, Ms. Fashionista, is pretty finicky because I still buy most of her clothes, bring them home and hope/beg/bribe that she'll wear them. And if not, I'm a notorious merchandise returner at stores!

Okay, so for the last while, I've been keeping my eyes open for a new dress or outfit for my daughter for Pesach. I do not shop at chi-chi children's boutiques or in shops set up in suburban basements, but rather, in department stores. And knowing that Easter is a pretty major holiday, and formal with its church services and family dinners and egg hunts, I'm pretty sure I'll find something for my child.

Some department store flyers came into the house last week. Great, maybe I'll spot something for A, I thought.

What did I spot for girls? Cap sleeve dresses, sleeveless dresses, spaghetti-strap dresses, fancy tulle-pouffed creations that would suit a child in a wedding party, not a child going to church or synagogue for a prayer service.

Do these designers think that we all live bordering the Pacific Ocean, in the warm climes of Hawaii or California, or in the desert areas of Arizona or Nevada? It is about to be APRIL, designer people. Just a hint of spring is in the air in most of North America. What good will a thin-strapped, sleeveless dress do my Modern Orthodox daughter in shul?

I'm not exaggerating...just about everything I've seen being offered for Easter is what I deem summerwear!

Think about it: the Easter Bunny still wears a fur coat... Don't designers read into that and figure, "Hey, it must still be a little chilly. Perhaps we should design a dress with a matching sweater or a matching coat...and yes, even for girls." But they must think that as long as you've got your Easter bonnet on, you're fully dressed.

I think it might be time, after all, for me to expand the shopping horizons when it comes to buying shul outfits for my daughter. You know, actually, I realize, I've already done that. Last summer, while in Buffalo, NY, I bought her a dress that she wore for the fall Yom Tovs and again for an afternoon wedding in November.

I think I might just find out where the Easter Bunny shops. SHE is very cute-looking however she's dressed. Maybe the Easter Bunny knows something I don't...especially since that particular bunny has got "mass appeal!"

(Hey, have I set my own personal record for most posts in one day? I think I made up for last week's lull... Didn't I?)


daverichards said...

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Jack's Shack said...

Do these designers think that we all live bordering the Pacific Ocean, in the warm climes of Hawaii or California, or in the desert areas of Arizona or Nevada?

Some of us do. ;)

RaggedyMom said...

Thankfully, my mother spotted and alerted me to a local store that is selling some tasteful and appropriate clothes. Although my daughter still fits into a good number of her springy nicer clothes from last year, it was a treat to have something new.

I find that the girls' summer clothes in general these days are less and less appropriate for little girls! I'm not trying to sound frummie about this at all, but I don't like the idea of a four-year-old girl and a hooker having anything in common re: wardrobe or shoes.

And those painted tushies at the top of this post? Now that is cute!

orieyenta said...

It's not any better in the warmer climates. I can rarely find a dress with sleeves for my little girl. Even during what we call winter! She has gotten very used to wearing a t-shirt underneath or a sweater over the dress. Not incredibly fashionable but it works.

nuch a chosid said...

yup, thats why in the spring-summer seasons it's tough to find anything acceptable in the dept. stores and malls, we r left with no other choice but to shop the basement shops of Acheinu B'nei Yisroel, from either Jewish factories, or European Imports.
In the winter it's easier.
have a kosher frelichen Pesach

marallyn ben moshe said...

jews were born to suffer :)))

torontopearl said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble finding appropriate outfits for my daughter.

Lakewood Venter said...

wow, you're on a roll!

tuesdaywishes said...

Pearlie dear,

As your daughter gets older, it will be harder and harder to find anytthing appropriate for her to wear to shul. Once you are out of toddler sizes, the 'dresses' are neither sweet nor pretty, but are mostly shapeless, sleeveless, low necked sacks in sleazy fabrics. And are meant to show the straps of the bra she probably doesn't need yet! Sometimes in the fall you can find something with sleeves, but forget spring and summer. Either shop the frum stores, or wait till she fits into the smallest petites and buy ladies' blouses and skirted suits. Since she has such eclectic taste, you may be able to youthen these business-type clothes with accessories.