Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On a High

No. This post is not about drugs. It's not about being extremely happy. This post is about R.I.C.E.

I'm sure many of you have heard of or use Near East products -- grains and rice dishes in a box that are flavorful and easy to prepare.

Well, after Pesach I bought their Rice Pilaf: Curry product. I pulled it out just now off the shelf, intending to prepare it for this evening's dinner, and looked on the side of the box at the directions. There are Microwave Directions, Range Top Directions, Low Fat Directions and... [the reason behind this post!] HIGH ALTITUDE PREPARATION!

So...if I'm flying in my personal Learjet and preparing dinner, or am using my timeshare apartment in the Swiss Alps for a couple of weeks, or -- even better! -- am visiting an ashram in the mountains of Nepal, it is the directions for HIGH ALTITUDE PREPARATION that I must follow!


~ Sarah ~ said...

lol... but if you were flying in your personal learjet wouldn't you have the kitchen staff preparing your rice?! ;)

muse said...

Somehow brings me back to my lack of success in London baking according to my Jerusalem recipes.

Elie said...

It's probably meant for Denver. There's a frum community there, no?

I love those Near East pilaf mixes too; we have them almost every Shabbos. Though I'm personally not fond of curry, I like most of the other varieties.

torontopearl said...

Sarah: you have a point. Hope they follow the directions carefully when preparing my rice!

Muse: that's interesting; wonder what makes the differ -- measurements or ingredients?

Elie: My husband microwaved the pilaf before Shabbat. It was excellent ESPECIALLY because of the curry flavor!