Monday, June 25, 2007

Orthodontia and Only Simchas

Mark, aka PsychoToddler, I know you'll like that "Toothpaste for Dinner" bit above that I found to be appropriate for this post.

Over the years I've more or less cast off my Yenta cape. And that's a good thing. But one thing I can't forego since I've discovered it, is the website. That site is food for thought.

It is rare that I know people on the site, posting engagements, weddings, births, graduations, aliyas and photos to accompany these announcements. I am primarily well out of the age league of most of the newly engaged couples or newly married couples or new parents couples, but it is so clear to me that many young ladies aspire to make an appearance on the site, in whatever fortuitous circumstances they find themselves in.

What is the primary common denominator I've noticed among the young women whose pics are featured? They all have gorgeous teeth!!!! You can't always tell the quality of someone's hair from a photo, but you can certainly see if the subject is giving a broad smile for the camera and projecting whiteness and straighteness in her mouth.

Am I generalizing? I don't really think so. Since I was told about this site about three years ago, the "perfect teeth" syndrome is something I've seen over and over again in the photos. Why don't you take a survey and view some pics too. Tell me I'm wrong.

I don't think Photoshop has a hand in these winning smiles on the site; but no doubt Dr. Friedman/Cohen/Ames/Delgado and Grazier do. Or else maybe Mother Nature simply smiled down upon the chosen few and by osmosis passed along a winning, natural smile.

In any case, pearly whites love to appear on Only Simchas! Maybe the site should feature a photo section and call it: "The Day My Braces Came Off." You never know... As a result, shidduchs might be in the works just a few years earlier!


~ Sarah ~ said...

jewish parents like to ensure their children have good teeth and pay a lot of money for that!

(welcome to the world of browsing onlysimchas!)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am unfamiliar with this site....And I did see some pictures with good teeth, but what caught my eye in just looking around at this site---trying to figure out why it exists...(lol) is the link to JEWISH PRENUP.ORG
Is this what life has come to....OY VEY! Anyway, I am going to have to give this site a bit more study when I have the time....
Very Interesting, Pearl...

Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL wish...Both, in fact....I think I choose the 100 as opposed to the 120...LOL....It's enough, already! LOL! are so sweet to bring these wonderful words to me...I thank you with all my heart.

PsychoToddler said...

That site just makes me depressed. Both Mrs. B and I were blessed with crooked teeth. You can imagine what our kids look like. I am personally putting our orthodontist's kids through college (and apparently paying for his Lexus SUV as well).

Why, The PT just lost her first tooth--it was sideways! Even with it gone there isn't any gap!

Good grief!

Forget Onlysimchas!

You should be reading Only Tzaras.