Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Power of Persuasion

Media. Print ads. Commercials.

All have a message.

Sometimes the message is lost on me.

Other times the message is captured in the images.

Other times the images supercede the message.

I just stumbled onto a wonderful website. You can spend lots of time filtering through its messages.

Put it on your favorites list. I just have.

About twenty-plus years ago I used to go to a downtown restaurant that featured screenings of Cannes award-winning TV commercials; these commercials were international and -- for the most part -- brilliant. Each screening featured a different year's winners, and my friends and I often paid for and sat through two screenings.

I feel the same about this website...I just want to continue sitting here and scanning through it, both its print ads and its commercials.

Canada's Marshall McLuhan voiced it best: "The medium is the message."

Check out this site:

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Sweettooth120 said...

I was at the movies the other night and both myself and the folks beside me just kepting shaking our heads at the trailers. Was it just us, or did they make no sense at all? I don't get it - how do these ads EVER get approved. It just stumps me, but then again, I'm clearly out of the demographics as a 40 yr old female.