Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Came, I Davened, I Ate...

...just about sums up the chagim/holidays for me.

[by the way, I have to try to recreate this post, as it got zapped before it could get published. GRRRRR!!!!]

"Food, glorious food" seemed to be the base line of the holidays. Guesting, hosting and feasting.

The question is now, do I start that intended diet after Shabbos is out this week? Do I wait for a few more weeks until the few upcoming simchas we have on our social calendar have come and gone?

Or do I just eat...and enjoy? With no guilt, no silent reminders that this is worth a few unnecessary calories and that is worth many necessary calories?

...and speaking of guilt....

I'm in the middle of reading a terrific anthology of essays entitled: The Modern Jewish Girl's Guide to Guilt. And yes, food is mentioned in several places...and yes, there is enough to say about food that makes one feel guilty!

I hope you've been enjoying your Yom Tov meals, whether you've cooked them yourself or whether you've partaken of them on others' homes. In case any of you would like to sample TorontoPearl's mediocre cooking and TorontoPearl's husband's amazing cooking (and baking), you are always welcome to join us.

Just do us a favor -- leave your guilt outside the dining room!

Moadim l'simcha and enjoy the rest of Sukkot.


rabbi neil fleischmann said...

i am also torn about diets, etc. im lo achshav eimatai?

i am also a fan of ht book - bleyer i think is my favorite, but lots are strong and good.

pobody's nerfect. said...

dunno bout diets, but i need some ideas for desserts for second days.
for the first days, i made chocolate chip squares, served warm with pareve ice cream.... pecan pie.... baked apples.... peanut butter squares.....
i dunno what to make for second days!
any ideas or recipes are welcome!

Shira Salamone said...

Diet, schmiet--that'll wait 'til after Yom Tov! Would that I could join you. I love eating--it's cooking that I hate. :)

cruisin-mom said...

forget the diet Pearl...enjoy! In fact, have a babke on me :)

torontopearl said...

If not now, when INDEED? I thought you might already be familiar with and enjoy the book I mentioned.

Pobody's Nerfect,
Sorry I didn't get any dessert ideas out to you. Hope you managed for the latter days of Yom Tov.


But cooking is part of the eating process, is it not? You have to cook the food in order to have something to eat!

I'll have a babke if you deliver it in person!