Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My youngest has unintentionally, unwittingly coined a new word: "Shan"

Some weeks ago, I thought I was hearing things.

"Eema, shan I finish my homework now?" "Abba, shan I give Max his supper?"

When I first asked, "What did you say, Noam?" he repeated it again. And again. And again.

It began to grow on us, even though it's absolutely wrong. I don't correct him too much on it anymore simply because I like to hear him use the word.

"Shan": another word for "should"; derived from "shall" and "can".

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Elie said...

Thanks for the smile! My kids use a homegrown word "kai?", which is a contraction of "can I?" Don't remember which one invented it, but several of them went thru stages of using it.

And of course there's 2-year-old Aaron's unique word "whizzam", which he used to mean "where is 'em?" or more grammatically, "where are they?"!