Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Everyone's Got a Story...

...some just have more to say than others.

And this is where author/editor/lecturer Ruchama King Feuerman came into the picture.

Ruchama, who hosts writing workshops, both in person and via teleconferencing, recently compiled and edited a book of short stories/essays written by some of her students.

Not only does Ruchama have the pleasure of presenting this new batch of writers, she scatters some of her own writing tips and tools throughout the pages. Catchy and concrete ideas that are sure to help any writer work through challenges or offer a springboard from where to start.

Back in February 2007, I wrote a post called The Perfect Name. It was about Ruchama and the blog she'd just started. Alan Busch commented on my post, thanking me for the reference to Ruchama.

I am more than pleased to say that Alan is a talented writer himself, having put out his own book -- Snapshots in Memory of Ben -- a tribute to his beloved son who died at too young an age. Alan has a couple of essays featured in Ruchama's latest book "Everyone's Got a Story".

See, it pays to read blogs...and write!

Pick up a copy of this fine book of Ruchama's; it will make for good Shabbos afternoon reading, or late-night reading in bed.


muse said...

I wish I could earn a living from my writing and photos.

Alan aka Avrum ben Avrum said...

Dear Pearl,

I wish to thank you for your generous words of praise. I came back to your blog after a lengthy hiatus from the Jewish blogosphere, but I am glad I did. Truth be told, Ruchama is a fabulous teacher. I have just completed my fourth teleconference class with her.

Please if you will forward an address to me at, I would love to send you a copy of Snapshots In Memory of Ben or several copies to pass them out as you might see fit. Fee of any charge naturally. I have sold copies throughout the United States, a few in the UK and Israel, but I have no knowledge of any sales in Canada.

Once again, many thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan D. Busch

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