Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'll Take 10 %!

...spotted on the YidVid blog:

Montreal: A Belzer chasid won 28,000,000 dollars in the national 649 Lottery, that is 280,000 dollars for Tzedaka.

1. Why is a Belzer chassid buying lottery tickets?

2. Who made the assumption that the chassid will, in fact, follow through and give 10% to tzedaka?

3. Where was this advertised? Usually large prize lottery winners go to the headquarters and have their pics taken, while they hold up an oversized check showing the amount of their winnings. Did this individual agree to that, to be publicly photographed so that all the media -- and Jewish organizations, gemachs, agencies, schools, shuls -- will be notified of this big winner? That way they'll all know who to come and call on!


Alan aka Avrum ben Avrum said...

hi pearl,

wow! if you mean twenty eight million ... 10% of that is 2.8 million, 2,800,000. 280,000 is 1%
of the winnings.

i know u know this and are really checking the reading acumen of your readers, right? very clever!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm usually very impressed with your column/blog, but i must say now i'm pretty disappointed! Why on earth should a chossid not be allowed to buy a lottery ticket? wot on earth is wrong with that??

torontopearl said...

I simply copied/pasted that info. I did not work on the math. ;)

I'm sorry if I offended you; no doubt it's only my narrow vision of the world. I just couldn't picture what I consider a chassid, going into the corner store in Outremont, Quebec, handing over a couple of dollars and saying "Un billet Loto 6/49...quick pick."
The image just didn't jive with me.

Sounds as if you read my blog. If you've noticed, my writing is often caustic, my humor rather sarcastic.

Again, I apoogize if I offended you in any way.

Anonymous said...

yes i do read your blog (often - ur on my blog roll) n I do notice that ur writing is often caustic! but it's not the sarcasm i'm disappointed in, rather I'm disappointed in your 'narrow vision of the world'. I'm certainly not offended in anyway!