Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Was in a mall today and saw a sign advertising a shop where they sell smoking accoutrements -- tobacco, rolling papers, cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, etc. The shop is called HOLY SMOKES.

What a great name, I thought.

But I also thought that such a store, with such a name, should be serviced by a bunch of nuns and priests.

Could you just imagine the scene? Nice Jewish girl goes in, looks around, sees a nun playing with the rosary around her neck.

"Can I help you?" the nun asks.

"No, just looking. I wanted to see what the store offers."

"Hmm. Well, smoking is truly bad for your health, but we raise funds through our sales to help support the children in our orphanage. Our bodies are truly our sanctuaries, and we must honor them for as long as we can...but if you've got to smoke, well then just think how you're helping our children."
And with that, she hands me a button that says, "HOLY SMOKES....Save the Children."
(I don't mean to insult anyone with my absurd imagination. Sorry if I might've.)

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rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I liked this post - the cartoon and what you wrote made me laugh.

I also liked the previous piece, the skits were better than the movie, though. Coneheads brings up a whole era for me - high school, playing a conehead in a purim shpiel, walking out of shakespreare in the park to see the coneheads.

what made me think to check in with your blog at this moment is that as i write - michael feinstein is singing live on prairie home companion. if i recall correctky you're a BIG fan.