Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, Isn't It Nice To Dream?

Do any of you ACTUALLY know anyone who was written up in the New York Times' wedding/social pages?

I like to look at them from time to time to see how people present themselves to the world and to their intended spouse and future in-laws.

Of course, I could never have appeared in there.

Pearl Adler, of Toronto, Canada, is to wed Ron Saban on December 19, 1993 at the Paradise Hall, with Rabbi J. Burak officiating. She will gladly take on the Saban name as her own, even if it means a hassle with having to change all official documentation and her nameplate at work.

Mr. Saban, who was born in Israel and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, is a controller for a medical lab. Ms. Adler, who was born and raised in Toronto, is a copy editor with Harlequin Books, Inc.

The couple met briefly in synagogue when Mr. Saban was dating one of Ms. Adler's friends. A year later, someone officially set them up. The rest is history.

The not-so-young couple will reside in Toronto, and will honeymoon in the early part of 1994...their destination being wherever they get the best sell-off vacation!

The couple's parents prefer not to be mentioned on this page; they are extremely modest people. Suffice it to say that they are very happy with the upcoming nuptials and with their children's choice of spouse.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....Very Good, my dear Pearl....! Very Very Good! I particularly like the part where the parents of both the Bride & Groom, prefer not to be!

To Answer Your Question: I have not ever been to the Oscars or The Tonys. I HAVE been to the Emmys, a number of times....the MOST exciting being the year I was nominated in The Music Category. But, alas, I did not win.

In all honesty---THAT is the Best way to attend any of these events. Otherwise, it is much much better to watch them at home. You see a whole lot!

Robin said...

The parents prefer not to be mentioned? Bizarro! I don't care what the disclaimer says - I doubt they're delighted with this marriage.

If my mom had thought of that line, I'm sure she would have used it in my wedding announcement.

SuperRaizy said...

Actually, my sister's marriage appeared in the wedding section of the NY Times!
(What they didn't say: "The bride's sister, Raizy, served as Maid of Honor. She got lost on the way to the wedding hall, and showed up over an hour late, totally ticking off the bride's mother.")

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

A few years ago I performed a wedding for dear friends. They were in The Times and my name was mentioned. I was shocked by how many people (women/girls) came up to me, telling me they'd seen it. What is it with the interest in reading those pages, usually about people from other spheres than you?