Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wrong Again!

I just finished telling you in my last post that it's often said (especially when it comes to writing/speaking) the straight -- not circuitous -- route from A to B is the best.

Wouldn't you know it! Apparently I'm wrong.

Just finished eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Came to the horoscopes. Here's today's "forecast" for Libra, my sign:

The shortest route from A to B is not necessarily the quickest. Often, circuitous routes prove to be the most expedient. You're on the right path, even if it seems a bit slow.

After having read this horoscope, I realize it must be me -- not the path I'm on -- that seems a bit slow!

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Robin said...

I'm a "Cancer", and I used to hate reading my horoscope because it was so depressing. It seemed like everyone else was having 5 star days, while I was warned not to get out of bed if I didn't want to get hit by a car. I'd stick to your gut on this baby.