Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I sat at the kitchen table
in front of the black microwave
watching the glass plate within
go round and round.

Three minutes wasn't enough
for the heat to absorb.
I topped it up to six
and watched the glass plate within
go round and round
on the turntable.

I realized I ought to get a life.

To sit and stare at melting wax
in a container on a plate
is no way to discover the world.

I ought to get out and ride the carousel of life.
Pick a colorful horse
or a unicorn
upon which to seat myself
and go round and round
as the sights blur into an ever-changing

Perhaps my horse, like Mary Poppins',
will have a mind of its own,
and will jump off the carousel
to explore the countryside,
bobbing up and down
in a delightful rhythm.

I ought to get out and ride the carousel of life.

(...but in the meantime, I'll just write a poem.)


rickismom said...


Robin said...

This poem makes me smile. It's very sweet.

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

pearl, love this! sometimes i think it's nice to just sit and watch and let your mind relax. even if it is just the microwave you're looking at! :) i also love the mary poppins connections-- love her. 'nuff said. :)

Shira at Table Poetry said...

Found your blog through In the Pink...
nice poem. Sometimes we all feel stuck in the rut of domestic monotony - and wonder why we aren't off riding a horse in the meadow.

Meanwhile, at least a rich imagination can bring some spark to daily dullness. If you can't ride the horse, at least dream of it. Or write of it.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I like this - nice playful/whimsical tone.