Friday, May 27, 2005

What Are You Dangling These Days...?

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GOTCHA! (with that title, didn't I?) Nothing perverted here; if that's what you're looking for, link elsewhere!

While driving in to work this a.m. my mind got stuck on the notion of items people have dangling from their car's rearview mirrors.

I've seen fuzzy dice, rosary beads, keychains, garage door openers, "artwork" that children have made, baby shoes, blessings.

I have something hanging that my friend once sent from Israel--no doubt a freebie for her, considered to be a gift for me... It's a heart-shaped laminated card with a Tefillat ha-Derech (The Traveler's Prayer). How do I know it was a freebie, you wonder? Because on the other side of the prayer, there's an advertisement for some product, but I never read the small Hebrew print to learn what the product actually is. But the advertisement, translated from the Hebrew, reads: "Mother, you promised us chicken for this Shabbat!"

How is it that for the Jews everything comes back to FOOD?

"Okay, kids, we're leaving the city limits now. Let's say Tefillat ha-Derech...and then let's break out those chicken sandwiches!"


Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, and here's hoping you all get to have chicken.


tuesdaywishes said...

Are you sure it's a product ad? My Tefilat Haderech card is a freebie from a charity. That might also be the "chicken" thing, if it's from one of the many food distribution charities.

Josh said...

i have an uncomfortable explination to share with you...
the slogan is intended to be the cry if a very hungry child, who's family could not afford to buy chicken even for shabbis. i would be surpised if the phone number on the card wasnt to a charity oragnization in israel.

torontopearl said...

MY BAD-- yes, I took the time to finally check the Hebrew fine print, and it is a tzdaka primarily for widows/children and a food bank or something like that.