Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pleased with Oneself

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Very late last night I was checking out blogs (what else is new?) and then I decided to look through my own posts. After all, I'd been keeping a blog since December, and it was time to review my Pearlies of Wisdom.

I referred to the index source of titles -- "Wow," I thought to myself. "Some of these titles are great, but without reading the posts, I have no recollection what they're about." And I began to read, and my tiny bit of ego that shines through when insecurity isn't looking, said, "Hey, Pearl...that's some good writing you've got there. Why no comments for so many posts? Why aren't you a full-time writer? Why hasn't any daily publication snatched you up for your own column? Why do you take the time to write posts, but not pursue your children's picture book ideas? What are you waiting for? How did you manage that strange typo three months ago -- I thought you strove for perfection in your writing, trying to make it error-free as possible while silently mocking other people for their atrocious errors?" And ego went on and on and on...and became tiresome to listen to.

But I decided that ego's first comment was the best one of all -- insightful and encouraging. And I'd like to think that you readers agree with ego...!

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Air Time said...

I can never go back and read old posts. I have no patience for it.