Sunday, September 18, 2005

In Good Company

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I definitely share something in common with the following people, some alive, some deceased, but all notable folks:

Mickey Rooney

Walter Pidgeon

John Coltrane

Ray Charles

Ben E. King

Julio Iglesias

Bruce Springsteen

Jason Alexander

Ani DiFranco

So, if anyone has access to Mickey Rooney (like, if he's sitting at a restaurant table beside you, having lunch) or Jason Alexander (if he's not busy, trying to make a sitcom comeback), or if you don't care that I wasn't "born in the U.S.A." and if you have access to Mr. Springsteen, please pass on this message: "I'll be expecting a call/e-mail/card from you.... Remember mine, and I'll remember yours!"


cruisin-mom said...

Happy birthday Pearl!!! I'll be sure to send your regards to Mickey...29 again?!

Air Time said...

Happy birthday.

torontopearl said...

Thanks for the good wishes, but it's not my b'day -- yet. However, I think I've given you people enough clues in this post. Do your homework and you'll figure out the answer...

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

My great uncle is a close (best?0 friend of Mickey Rooney. He was his stand in. And in his autobiography, Life's Too Short, Rooney thanks my uncle Sig Frohlich for saving his life - literally. Uncle Sig is old and not so well and I hope and pray for all that's good for him.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

We share a special bond - though we've never met face to face.

Long before I started acting, my Uncle stuck up for me when I made the out of the box decision of studying Torah for most of my twenties and then becoming a rabbi, saying it was my calling.

He ran away from home on the Lower East Side at a young age to become an actor in California.