Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mind Your P's & Q's

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(again, it's not really's my evil twin blogging)

Spent a few late-afternoon hours in the park with my children today. They played baseball; I played "conversation catch-up" with neighborhood/shul friends.

When my husband went off to learn before mincha, my older son and his friend were playing baseball, and my youngest had some kind of tantrum, so I offered to play baseball with him -- I'd pitch, and he'd bat, and then we switched roles.

I joined him on the baseball diamond, and as I moved closer to him, I noticed the front part of his shorts were a bit wet.

"N, did you pee in your pants?" I asked. (he's been trained since he was age two, but if he gets a bit "too involved" in a game, he might just forget he needs to go to the bathroom, which is a common practice among boys, young and old, apparently)

"No, it rained a little." (wow, how far a child can stretch the truth...)


cruisin-mom said...

Dear Pearl's evil twin:
That's a kid who knows how to "spin"...perhaps a Politician in the making?!

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Welcome back. Wishing you success in blog weaning and rain control.

Sweettooth120 said...

That's really cute. My daughter told me that Hashem was sleeping when I told her that HaShem sees everything, even when she hides her toys instead of putting them away.