Friday, December 30, 2005

A Blessing on Her Head (Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov...)

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(A twist on the more-famous version from Fiddler on the Roof)

"A blessing on her head
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
My friend's daughter is to be wed
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
She just got herself engaged
Among friends that's all the rage
To become a Mr. and Mrs.

"The chattan's really nice
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
So the kallah's parents don't think twice
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
They're pleased she'll be his wife
And together they'll start a life
As Mr. and Mrs.

"The kallah's really sweet
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
As a daughter-in-law she'll be a treat
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
It's very clear to see
These two are meant to be
As Mr. and Mrs.

"The chupah's fairly soon
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
Followed by a honeymoon...
(mazel tov, mazel tov)
Just simchas should abound
When happiness is found
As Mr. and Mrs."


Mazel tov to both families. The wedding should be b'shaah tovah u'mutzlechet.

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Chana said...

Mazal Tov! Congratulations! So long as the bride is not a pearl-studded corpse, all will be well. ;) I'm sorry for the gruesome reference, but I actually liked Lazer Wolf's first wife in the movie. She made me happy. I liked to sing her song, too. "Pe-e-e-earls! Pe-e-e-arls!" ;)