Friday, July 21, 2006

Musical Chairs...for Dogs

Max has been a member of our household since mid January. He really is the fourth child; he is not yet one year old, but is experiencing the terrible two's at times.

He chews on everything, including my fingers. It's as if he sucks MY thumb instead of his.

I bought a very durable, nylon dog toy yesterday, spending a pretty penny on it. Within an hour, he'd already destroyed it. There went that brilliant idea of mine...!

In any case, Max is a sweetie; lively and likeable and just darn cute. Unfortunately, because he's black, he doesn't show up in photos too well, and he always ends up with "red-eye" although he's got gorgeous brown eyes.

Being that I've been home since early April, I can see this dog's habits during the day. One of those habits is that he doesn't stay in one place very long. I see him settled on the white sofa; next time I look, he's on the pale green carpet. Fifteen minutes later, he's on the white love seat. Another quarter hour later, he's in his doggie bed in the central hall. Next time I look he's not there...and I don't see him. I call his name... No answer.

Finally I find him in his favorite spot: a leather chair and ottoman that faces a window to the front of the house and the street. That is not only Max's favorite chair, but also my mother-in-law's. She, however, doesn't get camouflaged against the black background of the seat as the dog does.

Is Max settled with us? Or, as he continues to play musical chairs, is he just "finding his place"?


cruisin-mom said...

I commented last night and it disappeared. Sounds like Max has what my grandmother used to call "shpilkies" or ants in the pants! I'm sure he is settled and quite appreciative of his lovely new life and all those people to love him!

torontopearl said...

CM: Definitely this dog has "puppy shpilkes". Hopefully it'll tone down a touch as he get older. He's turning in a week.