Monday, July 03, 2006

"Summertime...and the Livin' Is Easy"**

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** contrary to Randi/Cruisin' Mom's belief!

The other day I read a wonderful post written by Cruisin' Mom, as she reminisced about summer. It was picturesque, conjuring up mental images of my own. So I'm carrying the torch that Randi unwittingly passed on to me with that post, and I will proceed to share a few of my own summertime images...

--sitting on the front porch, watching the sky darken, heavy clouds floating by, the onset of rain, first some fat drops, then a light drizzle, then a torrential downpour heightened by the sound-and-light show in the sky...and if we were lucky: a rainbow to follow the summer storm

--sitting with my older brothers and watching as they used magnifying glasses and the sun's hot rays to perform "science experiments"

-- not just running through sprinklers, as Randi and her friends did, but I'd try to walk slowly through them, head held high, with a little swish of the derriere, as I mimicked a fashion model walking down a runway

--family picnics in a lovely park or at a lake

--outdoor concerts at Ontario Place, listening to the Toronto Symphony, or seeing the National Ballet of Canada in performance

--lying on a chaise in the backyard with a stack of old SEVENTEEN magazines, reading and rereading...over and over and over...the articles and checking out the (now-outdated) fashions

--going to the drive-in theater...when they were still around in my area

--going to the Canadian National Exhibition every summer with my mother and my brothers

--sticky watermelon juice dripping off my chin

--ripe, plump peaches, and deep-red cherries eaten in abundance

--visits to the country; exploring barns and discovering cats and kittens

--bicycling around familiar and not-so-familiar neighborhoods

--seeking out a breeze amidst the sticky, hot and humid air of our house (pre-air conditioner days)

Perhaps some of you have a summer image of your own that you've captured and would like to share...?


cruisin-mom said...

Pearl, you have beautifully picked up my torch...I love the images you have conjured up here.Warm and fuzzy! It's funny...Mr. Cruisin said I had forgotten to mention,thanks!

torontopearl said...

CM: I actually burned myself on that torch. Damn...summertime can get too hot!